Visit to Toledo, the city of the three cultures

Once again this year our 5th grade students have been lucky enough to visit Toledo, the city of the three cultures as a support to the first unit of inquiry they have been working on. The students have been able to go deeper into their second line: “The passage of time creates new structures”, understanding why it is important to know the coexistence between cultures and how cities have changed over the years. The activity aimed to learn about the impact of the three coexisting cultures in Toledo during the 11th century and how we still have memories of those years.

Throughout the morning, they toured the most important areas of this city visiting the legacy of the three cultures that coexisted in Toledo, demonstrating that coexistence between peoples is possible if we understand each other.

They have seen the Mosque of the Light as a legacy of the Muslim culture, the Synagogue of the Transit as a legacy of the Jewish culture, the facade of the Primate Cathedral and the Museum of the Councils where they have seen the legacy of the Visigoth culture.

It has been a day full of learning opportunities that has led them to discover a part of history that has come out of the books to become a part of the history of the city.