Visit to Primary stage… In 5 years we will soon graduate!

During the last year of Early Years, the children are already aware that there is very little time left to go to the older children’s class and become part of PRIMARY. At Internacional Aravaca, this big change is accompanied by a step up in level. So for them, the move to Primary is much more significant.

A little while ago, our I5 students went to visit their older Primary classmates to see what their classes were going to be like next year, what the big changes were going to be and to ask them anything they wanted. 

It was definitely a very important moment for them! Our 1st Primary students were telling them a lot of things that they didn’t know in I5: how classes were starting, how the classroom was organised, if they had a lot of homework, where the bathroom was ….. They told them everything and the little ones listened with great attention and admiration!

And the visit couldn’t end in a better way, they also had the opportunity to enjoy the playground in the primary school playground!

Our children are getting older and it fills us with pride to see how they grow up. And on nothing…. their graduation!