Taller de gestión del estrés

What is stress? Is it bad to feel it? How often are you stressed?

With this model of questions, the psychologist of the Universidad Europea, began her workshop to reflect with the students of 2nd baccalaureate on the feeling that this emotion gives each one of them.

The objective of the workshop was to teach tools to be able to reduce and manage stress and to know how to differentiate it from anxiety. Breathing as a necessary tool, the training of our thoughts, and the recognition of sensations are basic elements for the 2nd baccalaureate students, who are in a year so full of stress.

Sharing how you feel when you suffer stress, how your body reacts physically and your mind, talking about it among classmates is a very useful dynamic that can promote their well-being. Sharing it also with the tutors of the course and making a good team of pre-university students, helps us to grow and enhance the success of each of them.

Tatiana C.