Slow and steady

When our pupils enter the infant school, we are lucky enough to witness how they evolve and how they have an amazing learning over the years. From starting to read, to write, to colour without going over the edge of the drawing…. These are all great achievements for them and for us who see it!

It is very nice to see this development and learning, to see how through a good effort, that “good struggle” we call it, they are growing and learning. 

A clear example of this evolution has been our 3rd Year Primary students. They have been going through a very exciting time during the month of February and many of them have been moving from pencil to pen.

We are sure that you have been able to see this beautiful and special occasion on our social media through the videos we uploaded. The faces of happiness and the smiles on the faces of the students who achieved this great achievement were incomparable. After a lot of effort, they have managed to be among the first to achieve such a feat. Many things have been taken into account to give them the opportunity to start writing with a pen: the evolution of this student from the beginning of the course to now, their effort to make a better handwriting based on many “copies”, perseverance and tenacity have been key elements.

Congratulations to all the students who have succeeded and we look forward to seeing the next ones!