Second week of camp over!

These days have flown by and that’s because WE HAVE NOT STOPPED at our camp!

We see our students happy enjoying all the activities we have proposed:

In IA MINI CAMP this week we have focused on the theme “Under the sea”. They have made different crafts related to the sea!

They have also enjoyed a special storytelling activity. We invited a professional storyteller to create a musical storytelling activity. Everyone had a great time, they sang, danced and exploited the creativity that characterizes them so much.

In addition, the water games are still the most fun time of the day, our big inflatable shark has become the star of the camp! There is nothing better than fighting these hot days with refreshing games!

At IA CAMP we have made the most of these days.

On Tuesday we went on a trip to the swimming pool Puerta de Hierro. It was a perfect way to cool off and spend a very special morning together, we’ll do it again next year!

Throughout the week we have done different activities:

  • Sports: We have continued playing different sports such as paddle tennis, soccer, basketball, badminton and field hockey. 
  • Ecological activities: We have continued with the daily gardening tasks to take care of our vegetable garden. We have also done different workshops with recycled material.
  • Art: We have done yoga sessions and different handcrafts.
  • AQUATIC GAMES: The shark continues to be our students’ favorite aquatic game, and the water battles were not to be missed!

To end the week on a high note, today we organized a RUGBY Masterclass with each IA CAMP group, inviting some RUGBY professionals. They had a great time!

Next week more and better!