We reflect on the “FAKE NEWS”.

The communication and reflection skills that constitute critical thinking are more than important for the development and future of our students, both academic and vital.

Therefore, from Internacional Aravaca School, we have made an outing to the exhibition “Fake News. La fábrica de mentiras“, organized by Adelaida Caro and Clara Jiménez Cruz in the
Espacio Fundación Telefónica. In it, our students had the opportunity to review the phenomenon of fake news and raise a reflection on the impact they generate in our society today, but also throughout history.

Similarly, with the aim of bringing the phenomenon closer to the immediate reality of our students, the visit also involved a review of their media literacy, that is, the tools and strategies available to them to deal with both ‘fake news’ and other possible online dangers.

All in all, the visit was more than enriching for the development of the student profile that our methodology promotes and pursues, namely, a person of integrity, risk takers and inquirers.