Why do you consider a company to be successful?

The 1st BACH students have had to work on a presentation in economics, where they have presented the reasons why they consider that the company chosen by each group has been successful.

Some of the companies chosen by the students themselves include Apple, Netflix, Tesla, Amazon, Mercadona and Ikea.

As we progress through the course, students will have to add to and/or change their presentation to incorporate the concepts they are learning. Some of the concepts they will be acquiring will be company environments, diversification and specialisation, market penetration, international expansion, company integration, holding companies etc.
They should also include SWOT and Porter models.

In this way, at the end of the course, we will compare the first presentation and the last one… They will see for themselves all the knowledge they have acquired in the economics subject and they will be surprised with their own learning.

Carlos F, economics teacher.