Pablo shows his confidence at TEDx

Witnessing our student Pablo I. from 1st Baccalaureate give a TEDx talk, along with 11 peers of various ages and nationalities, on self-confidence was a truly enriching and moving experience.

The stage was occupied by a diverse group of young people, each with their own story and perspective on the topic. Despite their differences, they shared a common goal: to inspire the audience to believe in themselves, as this year’s main theme was WHERE CONFIDENCE GROWS….

TEDx is an event organised by ISP Schools, in collaboration with TEDx, to spread ideas worth knowing. These are world-renowned and highly valued international talks, in which personalities such as Barack Obama and Steve Jobs have participated. Internacional Aravaca is lucky enough to be able to participate every year in one of them, thanks to belonging to the ISP group. This year we were able to present Pablo, after an internal pre-selection at the school. This year, TEDxTalks was held at El Altilllo International School in Jerez.

Pablo, who came last, set a tone of openness and vulnerability by sharing his own struggles with personal confidence at the start of the talk. He established a bond of connection between his peers from other ISP schools, from 1stESO to 2ndBTO, representing the variety of nationalities and cultures sharing their own experiences and reflections.

What made this edition of TEDx so powerful was the diversity of perspectives presented. Each speaker brought a unique and authentic voice, enriching the conversation with their cultural background and personal experiences. From stories of self-improvement to practical advice for cultivating confidence, each word resonated with sincerity and empathy.

As the event progressed, there was a sense of connection and solidarity between the speakers and the audience. Through their stories, they demonstrated that self-confidence transcends language and age barriers, and that it is something universal that we can all cultivate and strengthen.

At the conclusion of the event, the audience erupted in unanimous applause. We were not only celebrating the courage and wisdom of these young speakers, but also recognising the power of diversity to inspire and transform. It was an inspiring reminder that, together, we can overcome any obstacle and reach our full potential when we trust ourselves and each other.

At Internacional Aravaca we are very proud of Pablo, of his level of public speaking and staging, of his talk? But above all, of the work and dedication he put in during the previous months to be able to do so well. For his part, Pablo shares with us these words about his experience:

The opportunity to participate in this year’s TedX event was a truly unforgettable experience. From the hospitality and the people to the professionalism of the event, being able to give
my speech in front of everyone is something that I will remember for my whole life. The preparation, the team building activities, and the encouragement and positive feedback received from the organizers made the event formidable and exciting in every moment.
Furthermore, getting to know all the participants from different places around the world created a positive atmosphere that greatly contributed to the success of our speeches. The skills and values learned throughout the process are something unique and extremely valuable.

Valle R. y Pablo I.