Our parents visit us… under the sea

Our youngest pupils, in Year 2, have had a very special visit to the school during the month of June.  It is an activity that is usually done every year and it is about the parents of the youngest children coming to school to do some crafts with them.

There were a lot of materials and the idea was that together with them they would recreate marine animals… octopuses, fish, turtles…. Anything they could think of!

They were thrilled to be able to share with their parents all the cool activities they do at school, and what’s more, everything was decorated for the occasion. There were goldfish on the walls, octopuses, seahorses… and the music “under the sea” was playing, and what about the cool costumes they wore, our little ones were dressed up as sea animals! The perfect atmosphere to let their imagination run wild!


And of course, the parents, of course, were happy to be able to share this special moment with their children. And more than one of them was drooling at how well they were doing the crafts.

See you next time!