We qualified for the Madrid Chess Championship!

Our most advanced chess students have participated in the Moncloa-Aravaca district tournament and they have done so well that we have three qualified for the Madrid Community tournament. Congratulations, champions!

The first round took place on Sunday 23rd January with a total of 80 players and continued on Sunday 29th. And the winners qualified for the Community of Madrid Championship.

Our super winners and classified are:

  • IVÁN G. male infantile category
  • LUNA Z. female infantile category
  • FERNANDO R. male alevin category.

With chess they learn many things such as: capacity for analysis and synthesis, creativity, imagination, memory, concentration, logic, visual and spatial capacity, problem solving, organisation and planning…..  As well as learning openings, defences, endgame strategies, strategic placement of pieces, checkers, history…

And tournaments like these help them to improve even more in this exciting game: they gain points, they recognise patterns, they know how to finish games when there are few pieces left, their chess language increases and they learn more and more names of openings and defences (Ruy Lopez opening, Petrov defence…).

In short, we can only congratulate Iván, Luna and Fernando… and of course, their teacher Vanesa. Let’s go for the championship of the community!