The kids and their families have a great time “under the sea”

Our youngest students at Internacional Aravaca had the opportunity to put on a little show for their families and do a super activity with them.

As they had been learning about animals, the theme of the activity was “Under the sea”. The kids danced and after their performance, the most special moment came for them.

It was time to get down to work and show their families everything they had learned during the course. Their development in terms of fine motor skills is essential in the early years, so this year they have evolved a lot in this regard. Holding different materials, painting, coloring? these are big milestones for them! Together with their families they created different sea animals, with a myriad of materials. Turtles, fish, octopuses… they were all invited to our particular sea.

Thanks to the families for being part of such enriching activities for them, the kids were thrilled!