Benefits of healthy habits

This month our I5 students have had lots of activities. They are working on their IB unit of enquiry “Health determines the well-being of human beings“.

Therefore, in the third line of enquiry “Benefits of healthy habits“, we wanted to transmit the importance of having a good hygiene and that this becomes a habit for them little by little. It is very important that they understand why and that is why we had some very special guests to explain to them the importance of healthy habits and why.

These guests were some of the parents from the school! They got down to work to organise a very visual and didactic activity where they explained how to take a shower, how to brush their teeth, the importance of washing their hands…. They had a great time! And not only the children, the parents also enjoyed the activity very much.


And that’s not all. After this activity, our students adopted the commitment to follow these habits at home and if they did it correctly, a little bird would tell us and we would write it down… After many days of following good and healthy habits, our little ones got a super prize! They went skating with the families who wanted to join in and had a really fun and healthy day!