Learning in an amazing and fun way!

Our school is known for innovation in many areas. Not only innovation in technology, but also in education. We are aware that evolution is not only in the form of iPads, smart TVs in the classrooms, online classes, etc… but also in the way we teach and make students learn in a fun way the typical concepts that were used to be memorised.

A clear example is the Physics and Chemistry class. Our 3rdESO students have had to learn the periodic table over the last few weeks in order to gradually get to grips with the famous formulation. This dreaded table has always been memorised in a systematic way, which then leads to the fact that just as you learn it, you forget it soon after. 

For this reason, our Physics and Chemistry teacher, Eduardo, proposed a challenge to the students: to come up with a project in which the main characters were the elements of the table and which was capable of guessing the chemical element that the teacher was thinking of. 

And the students did not disappoint. They created an endless number of games: some board games, others virtual… all with the same aim: to learn not only the periodic table, but also the properties of each element in more detail, as well as their classification groups.

After the presentation of the projects, many of the students admitted that when they had to face the table and the elements for the first time, they thought it was an impossible task to learn everything… but after working on their projects, they had learned everything and also knew many properties of each element, which otherwise “by heart” they would not have known in such detail. The games were very original and ingenious, a good struggle that was undoubtedly worthwhile for our students.  “I already know it for the exam, I almost don’t even have to study…” said one of our students.

Congratulations to all the 3rd ESO students for the projects they did, for their originality and their good struglgle! And our congratulations to Eduardo for going beyond teaching and looking for “amazing” learning in your students.