ISP MUN: putting yourself in the shoes of world leaders

One of ISP’s programmes is ISP MUN, Model United Nations in which some of our 1st Baccalaureate students have been participating over the last few weeks.

This programme is about to live the experience of a real UN conference, with committee discussions, working papers and resolutions. Model United Nations allows students from around the world to come together to experience an educational simulation of a real UN conference, put themselves “in the shoes of world leaders”, better understand international affairs and world politics from unfamiliar perspectives, develop empathy and increase their skills in diplomacy, debate, teamwork and leadership.

During this experience, our students were able to attend online training sessions in order to best prepare themselves for the conference that took place on the weekend of 21 May. During this weekend, students logged on for 4 hours each day to discuss in their committees. Within this time there were breaks and, in addition to the debates, there was complementary programming, with speakers and social events.

And we are proud to announce that two of our students who participated in the programme Pilar M. and Ignacio U. got special mentions. Pilar with an honourable mention for her topic “Management of technological waste” and Ignacio with the Best Delegate Award. In fact, Ignacio will be invited to participate in the National High School Model UN, which will take place from 15- 17 October. 

The coordinator of the IA programme and Economics teacher, Carlos F., comments on the “amazing learning” that his students have had during this process: “It has been impressive to see the evolution of these students regarding the knowledge of the international environment, how the different delegations work, the process of presenting a resolution, allegations and the final signature by the delegates. In short, they now have a more global vision of what the United Nations is, its purpose and the processes in which it is involved.” In addition, “they have learned to present and defend points of view contrary to their own and have further improved their skills in debating and reaching agreements”.

Congratulations to all!