Inauguration of House Competition 23-24

September 29th has finally arrived and with it, our grand opening ceremony of the House Competition program.

House Competition is the Primary coexistence program. In the purest Harry Potter style, each student belongs to a specific house (blue, green, yellow and red) whose objective is for the students of the stage to get to know each other, work as a team to achieve a specific goal and, at the same time, have a great time.

For this reason, the 1st EPO students and the new students were assigned to their houses last Friday. And not only them, but also the new teachers found out which house they belonged to – the most exciting morning!

After the ceremony the 6th graders presented themselves for Juniors with some excellent speeches, demonstrating their oratory and persuasive skills. After the voting, we can tell you that Paula, Diego, Andrea, Sofia, Sol, Bruno and Catalina are this year’s new junior captains.

To end a special morning, all the students enjoyed games in the playground in pairs, mixing older students with the younger ones from their respective houses. Each game won involved a word… the objective was to decipher a secret message. Finally the winning house was the green house, thanks to Tirso and Álvaro who managed to decipher the message. Congratulations!

Beatriz A.