House Competition: our big primary school project

We are all ready to welcome all 1st grade students and new students joining House Competition for another year.
As you know, House Competition is a primary school project that promotes the coexistence of all the classes at this stage. Through daily achievements or by winning quizzes during House Competition, Halloween or Carnival days, pupils earn points for their respective houses. In true Harry Potter style
It is a day full of excitement as we celebrate welcoming the new students who are joining our school in primary and the first graders who are joining us at this stage
We have assigned the house to each of these students and we have played a gymkhana of six stations that have given the winner to…. the yellow house!
This year we have something new and that is that the sixth grade students can present themselves to be captains of their houses. They have worked on a speech and their house mates have voted for them in the playground recess. We congratulate Lola, Martina, German and Manuel for becoming the first house competition JC.
We’ll see each other soon in the next competition…Halloween!