We have started our second fortnight of camp!

This week we haven’t stopped doing activities either, for many it is already our third week of camp but we have had new additions. The days have flown by as each day has been full of new adventures and fun games.

  • At IA MINICAMP, we dedicated this week to safari and we  learnt about the animals of the jungle.We made binoculars to look for animals in the playground, lion masks and a super animal mural. The teachers created a really cool activity in which they hid a lot of animals in a jelly barrel and we had to look for them with our hands. It was a super fun activity! The little ones at minicamp painted with our hands some monkeys going down the vines of the jungle.

    Every day we enjoyed the water games, we love playing with the shark. This week we  had a new addition to our water games, an octopus that keeps getting us wet with lots of water jets.


    Today we had a visit from Raquel with her musical storytelling workshop which we love.


  • At IA CAMP this week we didn’t stop doing things either. We did sports circuits and we played ping pong non-stop and of course we had time to play paddle, tennis and football.Every morning we went to the pond to see how the plants and animals that live there are growing and we  watered the vegetable garden which in these hot days needs a lot of water.Every day we have made crafts, such as mini puppets, placemats, memory games and salt mandalas. This week we also made chocolate croissants and yogurt and oreo ice creams. It was super fun and easy to make the ice cream and we think we are going to make this recipe at home this summer.

    Of course every day we  had our water play time, we love jumping the shark, we are going to miss it a lot when the camp is over.

    And to finish the week we had a visit from Enrique from Natursierra who gave us three very interesting workshops for each age group. 

    -Footprint by footprint, looking for clues and following the trail of the animals.

    -Professor Livingstone’s adventure, where you have to solve a gymkhana created by the crazy professor.

    – Lost in the forest: A survival workshop to learn how to defend ourselves in the countryside.

     Next week, more!