PYP exhibition, a great showcase of student learning

Last Friday, June 14th, the students of Internacional Aravaca presented their final work of the PYP (International Baccalaureate Primary School Program); a work that reflects the learning, values and skills acquired throughout the program.

Each work team, with 4-5 members, grouped according to their interests and designed a unit of inquiry framed in the transdisciplinary theme “How the world works”, and under the “umbrella” of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

This Exhibition is a clear example of good effort, as the students had to face new procedures and apply all their knowledge and skills in a different way for them. They came up with their own central idea, the lines of inquiry, decided on the concepts they were going to focus on, thought of an action that would have a positive impact on society, and did extensive research on each of the lines.

It has been hard weeks of research, data collection, finding experts to support their research and putting the action into practice. They developed skills such as communication, demonstrating that they could communicate effectively both orally and in writing; thinking, reflecting and asking themselves questions about their learning; or self-management, demonstrating that they could organize themselves autonomously, dividing up the work, meeting deadlines and managing their emotions in the most difficult moments.

Likewise, the 6th grade teachers have also demonstrated a great capacity for effort and work, organizing weekly goals to be achieved by the students, many of them also facing their “first exhibition”, guiding the students in working on a subject they may not have been experts in, and working day by day with the students to get the best out of each team.

It has been an enriching experience for all, teachers and students, and a turning point for the students between the PYP and their preparation for the MYP.

Laura O.