Success of our students in different ISP International Programmes

During the first term, our students at Internacional Aravaca have once again been able to enjoy the international opportunities offered by the group to which we belong, International Schools Partnership.

The Virtual Buddy Exchange programme has come to an end. Our students Adhara and Martina, from 1st and 2nd ESO, have been able to converse in English online this term with students from Mexico, Ecuador, Malaysia, USA and the United Arab Emirates. They have been able to share and learn about their culture, TV series, music, culinary tastes and sports. VBEP students learn to develop their communication and presentation skills in English while making new friends thousands of miles away!

For another year, ISP’s Model United Nations (MUN) has brought together students from all over the world in an event that simulates a united nations assembly. A total of 9 IA students participated this year. They had the opportunity to improve their knowledge of other cultures, international issues, and enhance their communication and debate skills. Learning to listen to other points of view and to value other rationales than their own. In addition, International Aravaca student, Carolina MF from 1st BTO, has received a special mention for her work and performance. Congratulations Carol!

Y…. The results of the Maths Challenge competition in which our primary and secondary students participated are in!
This year, IA students competed against more than 15,000 students from 48 ISP schools. We would like to thank each and every one of the participants, as well as the teachers who helped the students during the week of competition. The winner of IA, with the highest number of points, has been Álvaro A. from 4th ESO… Congratulations Álvaro!