As a family, we like to look out for each other and to be a second home for each of our pupils, a place where they also feel safe. 

This year, in order to make all our students even more aware of this fact, we have created a team that we call the DSL, “school safeguarding team”. Basically, ‘safeguarding’ is everything we do in school to keep pupils safe, happy, healthy and ready to learn. Because if they don’t feel safe and sound, learning doesn’t happen, so our top priority is to make sure that the first thing happens, so that everything else happens next, which is nothing less than learning.

Therefore, we would like to introduce you to the safeguarding team that has been created for this purpose:

Miriam Serrano: Principal Safeguarding Officer and counsellor.
Miguel Asensio: Secondary Safeguarding Officer.
Patricia Núñez: Safeguarding Officer and counsellor.
Marta Martínez: Safeguarding Officer and Headteacher.

You will now see that the school has these posters so that everyone is aware of who to go to if they need to. Because, at the end of the day, we are one big family.