“Ella’s Song” wins at the ISP Film Festival

The school has achieved an outstanding international recognition by winning the award for best film at the prestigious ISP Film Festival. This competition brings together schools from all over the world, and our team formed by students from 1st and 2nd ESO has shined with their short film “Ella’s Song”, which has been acclaimed for its quality and originality.

Throughout the year, our students have worked hard on this exciting project. From the creation of the idea to post-production, they have dedicated time and effort to perfect every detail of the film. Throughout the process, we have attended sessions with film industry experts who have shared their knowledge of scripting, recording, sound, lighting and editing in special sessions. 

The plot of “Ella’s Song” captivated the festival audience with its emotional story, inspiring message and beautiful songs. The short film has demonstrated the creativity and talent of our students, as well as their ability to work as a team and face challenges. Their dedication and commitment have resulted in Amazing Learning in every way, and it has been a unique experience, both personally and academically. We are confident that their success at the ISP Film Festival will inspire our students to continue exploring and developing their filmmaking talent in the future.