ECOSCHOOL: waste management in action

During the month of April, we have continued working on the ECOSCHOOL plan. An itinerary full of activities, focused on raising awareness among pupils, the educational community and families about caring for the environment.

We celebrated Mother Earth Day, in a very full day where the main objective was to highlight the value of caring for the earth. Theatre, games, experiments? A day of awareness and reflection.

On the other hand, on the morning of 27 April, the pupils found the classrooms and the school uncleaned. We asked the school to leave the classrooms as they were the day before so that the pupils could see all the rubbish they were generating. When they entered the classroom, they were quite puzzled by the situation and were able to resolve their doubts when the student committee of the ECOSCHOOL came into action. They were shown a video explaining the rubbish generated in the school and how we could improve waste management together. They shared some very good ideas on how to manage waste better. And, of course, they all collected the rubbish they had generated the day before. 

A few days later, we celebrated a big recycling gymkhana. Primary and Secondary school students were able to play different games focused precisely on waste recycling. During the month of May we are all going to focus on RECYCLING. To do this, the families who belong to the eco-school committee are going to share TIPS on recycling, very good ideas that we will be sharing with everyone on RRSS and with which, little by little, we encourage you all to recycle more and more every day in your homes.

We were also able to hold the 2nd Eco-school Assembly. The pupils were able to explain what had been done during the month and the impressions of their classmates regarding these activities, we were talking about the communication plan, and giving new ideas about things and actions to do. We also had a visit from Aramark who explained initiatives and ways to manage waste in the school.