Public Speaking Competition 2021

The enriched curriculum is one of the things that sets us apart at Internacional Aravaca. We believe it is essential that our students develop a range of skills and knowledge that add value and not just focus on the required educational programmes. We like to go further.

That is why one of the aspects we develop most at the school is public speaking. The ability to communicate and express oneself well is very important for the future of our students. Because we know that, tomorrow, when they go out into the world of work, it will be an asset for all of them. Knowing how to vocalise and project your voice, knowing how to use non-verbal language well, knowing how to move around a stage and knowing how to modulate your voice according to what you want to transmit makes a lot of difference. And we know it.

For this reason, one of the events we organise in Primary 6 is the Public Speaking Competition. In it, our students have to prepare three types of speches and then defend one in front of the jury and their classmates. This year the theme was the Spanish Post-War and Transition. The speeches they have had to prepare are:

  • Poetry written by a well-known author
  • Poetry written by themselves
  • Persuasive speech in English on a topic of their choice.

In the semi-final and final the pupils who made it through to these stages had to defend one of these speeches to the best and the jury – made up of teachers, pupils and families – decided who went through to the final and who won in the end.

This year the decision was extremely difficult because the level is higher every year. It gave us goose bumps to see the evolution of all of them since they started preparing for the contest, until they finished it. Even they were surprised about their own learning, that’s amazing learning!

Congratulations to the winners!

If you want to see how the semi-final and final of this competition went, check out the IGTV on our Instagram, it’s all saved there!