3EPO Short Story Competition

One of the objectives in our Primary Education stage is to offer individualised attention to our pupils.

On this occasion, in Year 3 we wanted to focus on those students who stand out in the subject of language, specifically in the area of written expression.
To do so, we have selected some of them to participate in the II Eim Learning Short Story Competition.

Through this contest, we want to encourage creativity and a taste for writing and reading, while addressing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in a different and fun way.
All of them have had the opportunity to create a micro-story where they have expressed what superpowers they would like to have to put an end to pollution on the planet.
They have come up with different ways to improve the environment by developing their writing skills and encouraging their creativity.

They came up with some great ideas! The winning student of the Short Story competition was Marta d.H. Congratulations Marta!

Raquel T.