All united for SCU!

Street Child United, as the name suggests, is an organisation that helps street children around the world with a clear objective, to help them achieve their goals through sport.

ISP asked all the schools in the group to raise our voices and make the stories of these children known, not only within the school but also in our community. So the whole school got involved and we organised different activities that not only raised awareness about who these children are, but also raised money for SCU.

This is what we did during the month of May:

  • First we raised awareness in the school about SCU, we talked to them about the children who are “invisible” and who live on the streets. After this, we encouraged them to talk about the stories of one of these children at the beginning of each PE class, to try to get to know as many of these stories as possible. All these stories were then captured on a large mural in the secondary corridor.
  • Art class has been working on the design of a flag, dedicated to SCU. A competition was held and the winner  was Alejandra R. of 1º ESO B. The winning school flag will participate in a global competition, the winner of which….  It will be the one chosen for being shown at the Olympics!
  • Each primary and secondary student bought an SCU t-shirt designed in school to create awareness wherever they wore it. In addition, the older students took part in the “tie dye project” which involved making colourful tie dye designs on their SCU t-shirts. There were some spectacular designs! The profits raised from the t-shirts will go to SCU, which between the sale of uniforms and the profits from these t-shirts, makes a total of 1,750 €. In addition, all students who want to wear this t-shirt in PE until the end of the course year will be able to do so – they’re excited!
  • There were also outings and excursions – with the T-shirt on – and with big posters with the SCU acronym. Let’s raise our voice!


  • And to top it all off… we created the SCU acronym on the school’s football pitch. It was an impressive photo… wasn’t it?  To all our students and families, thank you so much for participating in SCU Raising Awareness month! Next year… more and better!