As we had already told you before Christmas, the school is organising a series of programmes to help and support all our families to make this year a little less complicated.

One of the initiatives with which we want to start this year is the Coaching programme that we have organised  with Rosario Pedrosa, a mother of the school and certified coach by the prestigious school The Newfield Network specialising in body and movement, as well as emotional management. The programme is called How to transform your life during the pandemic” and will include seven sessions on different topics. A programme that we see  necessary in a year that is becoming very difficult for all of us, surrounded by limitations and prohibitions, and which we often don’t know how to manage or how to avoid seeing everything black.

The aim is that the person who follows this programme notices a transformation in him/herself and that this is also reflected in the harmony of the home.

The first session, entitled “The three keys to achieve a balance in your life” and completely free of charge, will be held on Thursday 4 February at 15h and will take place online.

There are limited places, so we encourage you all to sign up as soon as possible at the school secretary (

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday!