Apadrinamientos entre Infantil y EPO

  Una vez más hemos querido trabajar de forma conjunta entre las diferentes etapas del colegio (infantil y primaria) para que el paso de una etapa a otra sea más llevadera. Nuestro objetivo principal es que los niños de I5, que en breve terminarán la etapa de infantil, conozcan al equipo de profesores de primer […]


Aprendiendo con los mayores del cole

Los niños pequeños aprenden muchas cosas cuando juegan y jugar con otros es importante para su desarrollo.También está demostrado que los niños de edades diferentes se guían los unos a los otros intercambiando sus experiencias y conocimientos. Todo lo anterior pudimos observarlo cuando los niños de I5 aprendieron a jugar con distintos juegos “diseñados” por […]

Encuentro Pizarra 2017

  The anual conference “ Encuentro Pizarra”, on its 2017 edition, was held in Grajera (Segovia) on 30th September and 1st October. A number of educational professionals had the opportunity of sharing two intense days to analyze and consider new educational trends around new technologies at school. Janet V. Tribouillier participated with a workshop and […]

Grad INF

Graduaciones de todos los tamaños

A la ya tradicional graduación de 5 años, que simboliza el final de la etapa de infantil, este año como novedad se ha incorporado la graduación de sexto de primaria en Internacional Aravaca. Qué gran cambio supone para los pequeños de 5 añitos el dar el salto a primaria, más responsabilidades, subir un piso más […]

Bedtime Stories

Yesterday morning three, four and five-year-olds went to the theatre. They  enjoyed  two “Bedtime  Stories”:  Little  Red  Riding  Hood  and  the Spanish version of the tooth fairy: Mr Perez, the little mouse. Children loved  the  stories  because  they  could  interact  with  the  characters, becoming  the  trees  in  the  forest,  stepping  on  the  stage for  a […]

Sharing Experiences

Last week, we were thinking about sharing and learning from each other. We thought that, because it was Halloween we could ask the older kids from the school (secondary) to prepare, with their ideas (and our help if needed, of course) some activities or workshops for our little 3 year olds. They were really excited […]

Will it sink, or will it float?

To celebrate Science Day, we experimented with water in the I5 classroom.  We conducted our experiment using different fruits and vegetables, but before they were placed in the tub of water, we discussed the meaning of a hypothesis.  What do you think will happen and why?  Most children decided that the fruits or vegetables that […]


Last Tuesday we went to an amazing farm in Chapinería, El Palomar. Children had the opportunity to enjoy nature on a sunny day seeing and stroking some animals. We were amazed at the sight of falcons flying over our heads, or meeting wild animals like a huge tortoise, a sleepy iguana, a cute Scops owl […]

Ancient Egypt

Who would have believed that it was possible to take a trip to Cairo. For I5 everything is possible! The adventure started with each student creating their own passport and boarding card. When their flight was called over the public announcement system they all boarded the flight for Cairo. The flight was simulated with the […]

Doctors at the school

This week I5 enjoyed a special visit from two of the fathers who are a doctors. With the help of some lifelike models, we learnt all about the anatomy of the human body and how our different organs work and how they are all interconnected. The class then become doctors and nurses themselves and listened […]