¡Viva la Madre Tierra!

On 22 April, International Mother Earth Day was celebrated and the school mobilised to give visibility to this important day. And not only the school, but also all the schools of ISP under the hashtag #ISPFutures  were doing a variety of activities that favored the care of the environment and also gave visibility to the issue in question. 

Our dear Mónica Castellanos got down to work – never better said – with our Verdia programme and mobilised the whole school to make the students aware of the importance of this day and how important it is to take care of our planet.

The Early years students went to the school garden and planted vegetables for the summer. They were delighted with the planting, they were full of soil, but above all they were learning everything that Monica was teaching them.

In Primary they showed off a programme full of actions that benefitted mother earth and these are just a few of them!

  • In First they were differentiating about what things mother earth liked and what things she didn’t like. They also learned what human actions influenced the environment by observing beans in different conditions.
  • In second grade they were looking for worms.
  • In third grade they were planting plants that would help the rest of the green garden to grow.
  • In fourth grade they made a contract with mother earth and committed themselves to respect her and to promote actions that respect her in their community.
  • In sixth grade they are raising awareness about deforestation and working on a website.

And… we could not miss the opportunity to say what our 2ndESO students have done. On the occasion of this day, they were asked to create a TV spot to raise awareness about the issue of deforestation and to create awareness regarding ISP’s commitment to TreeNation. Have you seen the spot yet? It’s on our instagram! Thanks to our teacher Edu for organising it, it was an amazing project and congratulations to the winners!