Verdia and ACTION!

This first trimester we all collaborated in primary school with the Eco-School program in an active way.

In the VERDia classes, students proposed a series of actions to raise awareness and bring change to the rest of their classmates. Third grade students have led the Reduce Paper campaign, encouraging their classmates to reduce the use of paper. To do so, they decorated the lids of the paper boxes that will serve as trays of scrap paper to be reused: now every class has one!

On the other hand, the sixth graders developed games to help their second grade classmates review what they had learned in their Healthy Habits unit of inquiry. Another group of sixth graders are going to be in charge of the Waste Zero campaign in the cafeteria: they encourage everyone to eat everything, they control the amount of food that is being thrown away in the school with a “desperciometro”. Let’s see if we start to reduce the amount of food we throw away and get a school waste Zero!

As you can see we are at the top not only in Awareness but also in Action!