In case you didn’t know, at eco school we also work with those parents who desire to attain an environmentally friendly school. Today we had our first eco-school committee meeting in 2023, in which all members, including students, parents, head teachers, and directors, came together to discuss and analyze our school. 

This far-reaching project aims to reach our whole community and spread conscience about our environment issues. We are lucky to get to put our heads together with our amazing group of eco-parents who are determined to work towards a better school and society. As we will focus on energy conservation from now on, our task was to fill out the audit form and conclude in our starting state. To accomplish this, we organized into mixed groups, and completed the document. Then, we discussed our results and looked into how we can find out about some doubts we encountered concerning the building’s construction and technical aspects.

This year will definitely be an adventure for eco-school, where we will face challenges as a group, learn about our energy consumption, do tons of brainstorming, come up with lively activities, and most importantly, work on keeping you posted.