The illusion of Christmas and a charitable goal

This year we repeat the illusion that makes us raise funds to continue caring for “our yellow class” in the village of Chumvi, where the ONG Idea Libre does an incredible action.

Our students and school staff sold ballots for the big raffle, which was held on December 22, with a final prize of magnificent baskets donated by the IA family contributions. We are very happy to have achieved the double goal of repeating the illusion and raising € 5,286 from the sale of ballots and € 1,489 at the Christmas party organized by our families. The total contribution to Chumvi this year will be €6,775, surpassing the previous year.

The event was recorded live through our Instagram account, published in the reels section, where you can see the teachers of ceremony and the wonderful help of our students to sing the winning numbers. The lucky winners each won 5 magnificent Christmas baskets.

Many thanks to the generosity and solidarity of the educational community of Internacional Aravaca.