The Career Guidance Month

There is a key moment in secondary school when our students realise that things are getting serious and that they will soon have to start making decisions about their future. We have students who have always known their vocation and who are very clear about what they want to study, but there are others who are somewhat lost as to where to orientate their professional life.

And no wonder, because being asked at the age of 16, 17 or 18 what you want to do for the rest of your life is no small thing. What a decision!

For this reason, and with the aim of accompanying and helping them at this crucial time in their life, we have created “The Career Guidance Month” during the months of February and March. During these months, we have organised different webinars, talks and fairs to make it easier for our students to make the best decision. 

Webinars about studying in Spain or abroad, how to apply to universities, how to get organised in baccalaureate. Talks with professionals from different professions, life experiences that are worth gold. The truth is that our students were delighted and it is helping them a lot. 

From these fairs and webinars there was one thing they all learnt and that is that, as the 4th ESO class commented the other day, “with effort and self-improvement you can achieve anything”. For example, they said that “they were surprised that a person who was not an excellent student at school, when he wanted to be a doctor and struggled to get the grade, has achieved his goal thanks to perseverance and a good struggle”. Great learning, isn’t it? They all came out of each talk very motivated and eager to fight for their dreams.

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One of the webinars was given by Mario Alonso and you can’t miss it! Link here.