Long Live the week of Science

As every year, we celebrated Science Week in November. Although due to the current circumstances, we have had to adapt. But that has not prevented us from enjoying and learning in all the courses and stages.

We have had online talks with doctors, also with the company 3M, and we have done a lot of activities around this week. Here is just an example of some of them:

  • Our students from Primary 1st drew their bodies on large murals and were learning the parts of the body. Now the corridors are papered with those big murals and the work they did.
  • In Primary 2nd they also painted the digestive system and learned a lot.
  • In Primary 3rd they were working on a presentation to show all the information they had gathered about Louis Pasteur. Our students learned that thanks to him, we now have the process of pasteurisation and they told us about it in a thousand different and very creative ways.
  • In 6th Grade they had a very special online visit from Sonia López, an Emergency Doctor from the Hospital Infanta Leonor, who explained the Nervous System and answered all the students’ questions.
  • Our Secondary students had several online connections with the company 3M where they talked about climate change and sustainability.