Solidarity project GREFA Association

This year we had the amazing opportunity of working side by side with both third grade classes to put together an incredible project for our third unit of inquiry for the IB.

In class we have been learning about the relationship between biodiversity and the global population. As a form of taking action we collaborated with GREFA, a Wildlife association that is dedicated to helping animals that are native to the Iberian Peninsula. On our field trip to GREFA, they informed us of their mission and how they are looking for people to work with them. When they told us about what they do and how they have been helping so many animals, we wanted to see how we could give back to these animals and continue learning.

As a way of trying to give back to GREFA, both third grade classes started putting together ideas to raise money for two different animals, a Bonelli eagle and a vulture. These two special animals have gone through so much and need resources and medical attention. The students were so involved and passionate about this project. The creative ideas they came up with ranged from telling jokes for money, going to the mall spreading awareness, even creating videos of math tutorials and selling them. We also thought of the idea to go around the whole entire school and promote our cause. The students gave presentations that they prepared for each class. The classes also put together stands with the help of some parent volunteers, that we used to continue raising money to sponsor the animals. In the end we were able to raise 1190,21 euros for the birds.

We wanted to say thank you to all of our friends and families who helped us through this whole entire process. It has been a remarkable experience that we are sure that we will remember for years to come.

Teachers: Raquel y Ridge