It’s hard to believe that a week of camping has already gone by! These first five days have flown by and no wonder after having enjoyed so much. 

Everything is going smoothly:

The little ones, Mini Camp, are happy with all the activities that their teachers have prepared. They have made some recipes, created lots of handicrafts and have had a great time in the swimming pool. They are four fantastic groups!

There is no stopping Sports. It’s amazing how much energy they still have at the end of the day after having played so much sport in just one day of camp. We continue with our daily games of basketball, paddle tennis, football and hockey. In addition, we have incorporated some alternative sports to complete the week.

Verdiart are unique in environmental issues. This week they have focused on continuing to look after the school green garden and have also been planting potatoes and onions. To make the most of it, they have also prepared an herb garden with flowers and leaves they have collected from the park. They have also created houses for the insects in the playground and have become experts in cooking by preparing some very creative recipes.

Next week we will continue to have as much fun as we have had so far and we look forward to the new additions with open arms!
Everyone get ready!