Peace and lots of colour

On January 30th, the School Peace and Nonviolence Day was celebrated. A day to reflect and give importance to school coexistence. A coexistence where all kinds of personalities, very different cultures and customs come together. And that is precisely what makes the school environment so interesting and beautiful.

Because what makes each of us and each pupil different is what makes us special, and each difference must be respected and loved. 


For this reason, on Friday 29th January, all our Early years and Primary pupils celebrated  this day which is so important for everyone. They went over the necessary and essential “ingredients” for school harmony to take place and we talked about the importance of respecting our classmates.

Peace doves were painted, murals were made with examples of “school peace” stories, experiences written by our own pupils. The youngest children painted with their colourful palms the idea that “peace is in our hands”, while another early years class drew a dove with their handprints. Each pupil had a colour, and all the colours formed a dove of peace.  And the fact is that together, you can achieve wonderful things like this. 

Dances to the sound of peace, shiny crowns…  There was no lack of creativity in the different ways of expressing this message!

However, after so much colour and fun, we were left with the most important idea of this day: respect and love for each of our colleagues.