Another course graduates… with excellent results

Second year of Baccalaureate is a complicated year, the EVAU lies in wait. And we at Internacional Aravaca support them, we walk the path with them and we feel those nerves as if we were the ones who were going to take the exam. After all, they are “our children” and we want them to achieve all their goals and dreams.

Their graduation is a bittersweet moment for us, the school. On the one hand, we are happy and proud for each of our graduating students. We know the journey of each student, how they have got better and how they have become a better themselves, compared to the beginning of the year. But then we think about it, and we realise that they are leaving us, that they are taking a new flight, to shine wherever they go.

So, as circumstances permitted, we wanted to celebrate this long awaited graduation – with all the security measures in place. We all put on our best clothes to celebrate the big step they were about to take and to see them off in style and tell them that, although we will miss them, we hope the best for each and every one of them.

Our Secondary and Baccalaureate coordinator – Tatiana Calvo – began her speech like this:

“It is time to bring out the captain in you, the one who goes out at the bow in difficult times, the one who looks to the horizon and even if he or she trembles, sails with impetus…. Because only a rough sea makes a good sailor, sailing in a calm sea can only be done by fools. Hoist the sail, soldier, hoist it and let the wind blow, for on the backs of these waves we will become sailors”.

His poetic speech, close and with a particular and very special mention for each of the graduates was one of the most awaited moments of the event, as our students had been looking forward to it for weeks.

Speeches were also given by our headmistress, Marta Martínez; the godmother of the graduating class, Margarita Ortiz – vice-president of the Fundación Créate; and the speech on behalf of the parents, given by Ana Serrano.

We cannot forget the Federico Olivié award, a recognition of the attitude and character of the pupil who transmits the values of the school, awarded to our pupil Marta F.

The ceremony was very emotional for everyone, with many tears of nostalgia, joy and a little bit of sorrow. But above all, they were tears of pride.

And the word pride is an understatement, because our PROMOTION 20-21 leaves the school with an average of 7.89/10. 30% with an average above 9/10 and 80% with an average above 7/10. 

We wish you all the best of luck in Selectividad and in your new journey. You have all the tools to be everything you want, use them, and always be the best version of yourselves. Be good sailors wherever you go, may no rough sea make you tremble. 

We will miss you. 

Your IA family.