Another promotion that achieves its dreams

Our 2nd year Baccalaureate students have now taken the Selectividad and are closer to starting the career of their dreams.

This year has been a particularly controversial edition in terms of the difficulty of certain exams, but even so, our students have obtained very good averages that allow them to access the profession they want. 

The average score for university entrance was 7.4/10. This is 56% more than a 7 on average and 30% more than an 8/10 on average.

Our students go on to careers such as Aeronautical Engineering at the Politécnica de Madrid,  Medicine, bilingual ADE or ADE and Computer Engineering both at CUNEF, Law at ICADE…. Others are going to Canada to Greystone College and Westminster University at London to study, and there are still some who are waiting for the public universities to publish their cut-off and acceptance grades.

We are very proud of each one of them. Not only for their results, but also for their trajectory and ability to excel at Internacional Aravaca. 

We will miss you very much.