The coaching course has begun!

Last February Rosario Pedrosa’s course “Transfórmate en tiempos de Pandemia”  began.

As its name suggests, it is a coaching course with the clear objective of supporting our families in this time of uncertainty. We are all aware that the current situation is temporary – we all hope so – but when the pandemic started a year ago, nobody imagined that it would last so long. 

Therefore, and being aware of this situation, we know that we are finding it very hard to cope with so much restriction and limitation, the constant change, not knowing when it will end or at least get better. That is why it is a very good time to stop, reflect and act. To see this moment of social standstill as an opportunity to look at ourselves and see how we can transform ourselves into a better “me”.

And Rosario, without a doubt, is our great ally to help us help you. The course has already started a couple of weeks ago and we are sure that it will build a lot in the lives of all those who have signed up. 

At the moment it is too early to ask for testimonies about this experience from all those who have signed up, but we are eager to know what you thought of it.