Our teacher, Eli, nominated for the Cambridge Dedicated Teacher Awards!

One of the pillars of the school since its beginnings has been innovation. Not only at a technological level, but also at a methodological level. Always with a clear objective, that this innovation is always at the service of quality learning for all our pupils.

One of the methodologies implemented in Primary is the learning centers. This methodology, for example, is being implemented in Primary 2nd to prepare pupils for their Cambridge Starters exam. 

With the centers, pupils work on reading, writing and speaking. Each center has a maximum time limit of 10 minutes, which makes the pupils motivated, organises their time and they are continually making a good struggle, This good struggle is what will lead to quality learning. 

And we have some great news that makes us tremendously proud! Our teacher Eli G., promoter of the Cambridge Preparation Learning Centers, has been nominated for the Cambridge Dedicated Teacher Awards. This nomination highlights her dedication and daily effort to prepare each student for this official Cambridge qualification and that, through methodologies such as learning centres, students are motivated, learn more and better, and are prepared for this important exam.

Congratulations, Eli, on your nomination!