No plastic in my snack

Both VERDia and Ecoescuela, have started the year with a lot of energy and we are not stopping… after the success of the campaign “Plastic is not fantastic” carried out by the students of fourth grade, they decided to continue with “No plastic in my snack” campaign aimed at students of first and second grade of primary school.

At the same time, third grade students have decided to encourage their peers to reduce the use of aluminum foil in their snacks with the campaign “This ball is not cool”. 

For its part, Ecoescuela held its first assembly to choose the winners of the meme contest on sustainable energy consumption. The winners enjoyed a delicious breakfast and if they want they can be part of the committee. And not stopping to reward those who are doing well, they gave awards to the members of the yellow house for taking care of the cleanliness and recycling of the playground during the last term. If  you want to know more about these initiatives click here, in our Ecoescuela Blog we give you more details.

Ecoschool team