Do not miss our 1º Bacc Debate

One of the skills we encourage at Internacional Aravaca from a very young age is public speaking. We are aware that this is a very important soft skill for their future. University and working life are full of presentations where they will have to face an audience and they will have to be up to the task to make the most of their speech.

It is not surprising that during their school life they are often confronted with public speaking competitions, presentations in class and in competitions in and out of school or debates.

Precisely, during the month of June, our 1st BTO students have faced their traditional debate. This year the topic was very difficult and each group had to defend their position by drawing lots. The topic: Should organ donation be compulsory after death, an interesting debate, isn’t it?

As we don’t want you to miss a single detail, we share with you the complete debate. You will see all the skills that our students have acquired: non-verbal language, voice modulation, stage presence, argumentation skills…

You can’t miss it!