University and Career Counseling Month: Let’s make informed decisions!

During the month of March, we have celebrated our traditional “University and Career Guidance Month”. During this month, our students in 4thESO, and 1st and 2nd Bach, have had different activities focused on helping them in their decisions regarding college.

Choosing a career is not an easy decision and it is made at an early age. Therefore, we consider it essential to provide this support from the school. Such support comes in the form of tools so that students can make “informed decisions” and feel accompanied in this journey.

The program was as follows:

  • Career advice workshop: students were able to attend virtual sessions oriented to different careers, with different professionals from that sector so that they themselves could explain to them the professional opportunities of each career, the advantages, as well as the difficulties that could be encountered.
  • Habilmind Test and Singularity Experts: test that the students of 4th ESO and 1st Bach took, which assesses the skills of each one, their strengths and how these can be converted into opportunities for their professional future. Afterwards, each student is given a report that, without a doubt, is of great help when making their “informed decisions”.
  • Unifrog for ISP University fair: a fair for 4th ESO, 1st BTO, and 2nd BTO students, where they were able to attend webinars covering interesting topics such as the advantages of studying in Spain or in other countries or the keys to make your profile stand out when applying to different universities.
  • AULA: 1st BTO students attended this national and international university fair. There they were able to resolve any doubts they might have directly with the institutions in question.
  • International Fair face to face: 4thESO students were able to go to an international university fair. In the “AULA” style, but exclusively of international universities, opening the range of options is fundamental!
  • Talk “Si lo sé, no me estreso” from the Camilo José Cela University: our 2nd BTO students had a session at school where they were told how to manage stress in the face of the EVAU, so that it does not get in the way of the results of selectividad.
  • Interviews with the Guidance Department: all students receive support and advice from our Guidance Department with individual meetings. The school accompanies them in these informed decisions!