Math Challenge and the passion for numbers and learning

Belonging to International Schools Partnership has many advantages and above all it gives our students the opportunity to participate in all the international programmes that ISP organises.

At the beginning of the school year we told you that the Virtual Buddy Exchange Programme was starting, where four students from the school would be selected to participate in this exchange programme – now virtual due to the circumstances – and that once again it has been a great success.

Well, in November we started another ISP programme where many students from our school could and wanted to participate: Math Challenge.

A program that offered students from the whole group to participate in an international maths competition, where students compete against each other. The main objective is to motivate them and bring out the best in each one of them, promoting continuous improvement in the amazing learning of each participant.

The truth is that the response and interest of our students has been unbeatable and we are very proud of all of them and encourage them to continue participating in future editions… which will be very soon!

For the moment, we do not want to close the year without once again congratulating our star students in this competition: Nicolás Palacios, who obtained 50,250 points, thus proclaiming himself the best score in the school, closely followed by Álvaro Arriola, with 50,007 points.

Nicolás, as he was the the best in the school, has received a very cool prize, a mini Sphero that he will surely enjoy a lot!

Congratulations champions!