Kids graduate in 5 years

On Friday, 27th May, we celebrated with great excitement the graduation of 5 years. It was a moment of special excitement for everyone. It is wonderful to see how the families “drool” to see their children and contemplate, in the act of graduation at the end of the course, that they pass stages, that they grow up and take steps to stop being children and become more and more adults.

Parents experience this event with contradictory feelings: the excitement and emotion of seeing them grow up, but also a certain sadness at leaving behind stages and a certain vertigo at the future that is beginning.

And for us, the teachers, it fills us with pride to have been able to witness their growth and evolution and to see them grow up. We are not going to deny that we are sad as well. But Primary School awaits them one floor higher, with a million adventures and…. the biggest excitement of all… House Competition!

Congratulations, little ones!