1BTO students create a road safety circuit for the school

The 1st Baccalaureate students of the Technical Drawing subject have designed a road safety circuit for the school playground. There are 8 students studying this subject, so each one has designed their own proposal.

During the class, a series of requirements were established (crossings, roundabout, parking, zebra crossing, etc.) and a series of technical requirements related to the topics of tangencies, dimensioning and scales. They used the concepts of these topics to present their proposal, in the purest pitch!

The day came for the presentation of their projects to the educational community. It was not shared who had designed what, the educational community of the school voted until the winners were chosen.

Finally, it was the proposal of Noa C. the winner, who will finally combine his project with the proposal of Alejandro L. who came second in the voting, and who also presented a very good proposal. Both will work on creating the final project and will bring it to real life in the school. 

With this project and competition the baccalaureate students have learnt a lot: they have reinforced the knowledge of tangencies, scales and dimensioning worked on during the course by applying it to a real project, thus understanding the practical application of this knowledge.

Congratulations to all of you! You made the decision very difficult.