The ability to simplify means eliminating

In May, we continued with our ECOSCHOOL plan. A project with which we care for the planet and the elimination of waste. First of all, we would like to invite everyone to join this little family, everyone is welcome.

Since the last action, waste has decreased, but not disappeared. We are still working on ideas, looking for possible solutions and adjusting the functioning of the patrols, but we need everyone’s collaboration to make them work. Let’s keep our school clean! It is very important to emphasize that change starts from our homes, as Karl A. Menninger once said: “What you give to the children, the children will give to society”. 

On Friday the 13th we had the opportunity to make a “trade market”, i.e. to exchange our spectacular organic vegetables (grown by us) for new seeds or plants. With this we created an environment of circular economy, which is related to sustainable development and the use of resources in a productive and rational way. Although this was our idea, very few people brought plants, most of them preferred to give us donations to buy them ourselves. We would like to say that for the next  market, we prefer to do the exchange directly. Don’t forget! Apart from that small flaw, it was a great success, there was nothing left!

But that’s not all, the best is yet to come! This year, at the end of year party, we will be present at a stand where you will be able to find out everything we have been doing throughout the year. In addition, we will have lots of activities for the little ones to enjoy and above all to learn about the most important thing, caring for the planet.

Carlota M. Alumna de 4ºESO