IA TOGETHER: Ucrania, Street Child United and Confía

The month of March and part of April have been full of solidarity and union. The school organized a social plan for the month of March and the last week of April, to help different causes.

  • Action for Ukraine: we collected basic necessities to send them to Ukraine. In secondary school, the students were able to attend different informative talks about the situation and the reasons for it. In addition, they, the school students themselves, were able to take all the products to the association that finally took the proceeds to Ukraine, and the truth is that they were impressed with the great need that exists.
  • Asociación Confía: both Primary and Secondary have turned to help this Association that aims to support the needy families we have in the area of Aravaca and other areas of Madrid. It is very important to show solidarity with our community. We have collected feminine hygiene products, diapers, toothbrushes, sportswear for summer …. The students were able to talk with the association and give them everything they collected, it is very important that they are aware of the need and where all their efforts are going!
  • Street Child United: is the NGO created by ISP to help street children and give them a future through sport. As always, we have put our hands to work and we have carried out different activities to raise funds for this association. Fridays on the street with a contribution of 1 €, sale of solidarity sandwiches on Wednesdays or sports competitions in both Primary and Secondary have been some of the actions.

    And sport had to be in the program. Primary students were able to play field hockey, baseball or dodgeball, in different days where they had a great time.


For their part, in Secondary, they organized the Sports Day, where in addition to different sports competitions, the favorite, without a doubt, was the soccer match PUPILS VS.TEACHERS  And against all odds, the teachers won! We had done a poll on instagram and you all bet on the students.


There was also time for dancing on this day. The secondary students organized a dance in the sports center for the whole secondary school, which was a great success!

Both students and teachers closed the term in style and had a great time.