IA participates in Europe’s largest and most prestigious Debating League

Some of our 3rd of secondary students have participated in the 5th CICAE – UCJC Pre-University Debate League, which is the largest and most prestigious Pre-University Debate League in Europe and the only one in English and Spanish.

This year’s theme was “whether people should have the right to freely decide to end their lives” and all the students from the 39 different schools that participated in the debate were able to tackle it with great responsibility and sensitivity.

Our students were excited about the week of the competition after all the preparation they have been doing during the term. And it was not for nothing, because 80 judges participated and evaluated their capacity for oratory, temperance, respect and communication.

We are very proud of each one of them, of the professionalism and respect they have shown and above all, of how well they have done.