Bright futures for our 2nd Baccalaureate students

We are once again very proud of our students and their results in the EBAU (the old Selectividad). Each year, the school’s graduating classes are getting bigger and their results continue to grow.

With an average mark in the General Phase of the EBAU of 7.5 and a Baccalaureate average of 7.9, 38% of our students have had a higher average in EBAU of 8/10 and 67% a higher average of 7/10, Congratulations!

And what can we say about the two best results and averages of the 21-22 graduating class of our school? The first best EBAU average of our students is 13.65/14, while the second is 13.3/14. Now we really believe when someone said “that everything was very easy”.

In addition to preparing for the EBAU, these students have also been participating in national and international competitions, in community economics olympiads, in debates and they have even learned how to invest in the stock market. Of course, they will not be able to say that they have been bored in Bachillerato!

The other day, a mother commented on Instagram that this class, apart from being great students and that they will be great professionals, are even better people, and she was right!

As the teachers and the students themselves said at their graduation in May, they have been and are a team. They have been there to support their classmates when they needed it and they have constantly been there for each other. A graduation whose godmother was María Franco, director of the Lo Que De Verdad Importa Foundation, who always encouraged them to follow their dreams and intuition.

Tatiana, their tutor, dedicated her long-awaited speech to them, reserving a few words for each student in the graduating class. A very emotional moment indeed.

And then it was time for the students, who themselves dedicated words to their classmates and, of course, to their teachers. They thanked them one by one for their dedication and closeness during those years, and more than one tear came to their eyes!

Of course, it was time to award the Federico Olivié prize to the pupil who best represented the values of the school. This year it went to Alvaro d.M. Congratulations!